What is DeepNet?

Well, let's see...

The old server? It's a P133, 48M memory, shiny new 8G HDD, old 1.6G and 1.2G hard drives, generic CDROM, running Red Hat Linux. (7.1, last time I checked.) Currently online via the Rogers@Home (whatever its name is now) service. Providing useless trivia and a home on the Web for its residents. [Ed note: This machine is most likely NOT on Rogers any more. Look up HeroesGoneBad via DNS to see.]

The new server? A flaky dual-PIII motherboard currently running on a single CPU due to (!!) a changed case. Oy vey. Disks total ~28G (8G IDE, 2G narrow SCSI, 18G wide SCSI), although I plan to add a bucketfull of juicy RAID Real Soon Now (probably along about the time I upgrade to a quad Opteron ). OS is currently White Box Linux.

The original half-baked conecpt? It's a weird idea generated in a fit of insanity, hoping to get a small Northern Ontario town completely wired.

But mostly it was a scrambling attempt to stay on the Web when Monolith dropped their support for free domains under .ml.org. Someday we'll erect the Memorial to Bacon (as originated uder bacon.ml.org) but we're too lazy right now.                                                                                                     

Last update Tuesday, 31-Aug-2004 16:41:51 UTC
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