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I've been playing with 3d graphics modelling on the PC. All images were rendered with POVRay 3 for Windows. Click on the images for a larger one.

03/12/2001: I've just discovered, in the course of trying to render these images larger, that the bump parameter on the normal block has changed in interpretation, and no longer looks the same. I may have to dig up the version of POVRay that I used originally to make these larger... (The originals were rendered with POV-Ray 3.0something, the "current" version is 3.1g, and the installer I have available is 3.1a. Whee.)

[(8K) Pepper grinder preview- 160x120 JPG]The pepper grinder. With warped mirrors and a checkered floor. (Full image 640x480, 68K)

sPatch source (Grinder only, 4K ZIP)

POVRay file (Entire scene, 14K ZIP)

[(4K) Mirrors 1 preview- 160x120 JPG]Mirrors 1. A camera, wall-mounted mirror, and floating mirror. (Full image 640x480, 32K)

sPatch source (Camera only, 2K ZIP)

POVRay file (Entire scene, as rendered, 6K ZIP)

[(6K) Mirrors 2 preview- 160x120 JPG]Mirrors 2. A modification of Mirrors 1. (Full image 640x480, 44K)

sPatch source (Camera object + maniac object, 5K ZIP)

POVRay file (Entire scene, as rendered, 15K ZIP)

[(6K) 85.100a preview- 160x120 JPG]A recent addition: Done for 85.100A. A rendering of a desk which I analysed for a report. (Full image 640x480, 35K)

sPatch source (Desk only) (Not available yet)

POVRay file (Entire scene, as rendered; includes POVRay files used for pic in report as well) (Not available yet)


Programs used:

I've used two programs for most of the modelling, although I'm thinking about building some of my own.

  • sPatch: Builds 3D Bezier-curve patches, using cubic splines. Not good for objects with flat sides as rendering takes (proportionally) longer. ** This page is no longer online, and there doesn't seem to be a replacement anywhere. You can probably find sPatch on Tucows or one of the other shareware/freeware sites.
  • POVRay: Arguably the best freeware renderer available. Ports for many different systems, support for many types of object and lighting. I'm using the Windows version, but all ports of the same version should have the same rendering capabilities.

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