Kris Deugau


March 2003 WebHart purchased by ViaNet. I assisted in the technical transition from the Novell-based WebHart systems to ViaNet's Linux/Unix servers while continuing my previous duties with WebHart.
March 2000- February 2003 Phone technical support and Linux server system setup and maintenance at WebHart Internet.

Server system duties include:

  • Maintenance and configuration of four Linux machines supporting all DNS, outgoing mail, and virtual domain hosting services
  • Providing email and occasional phone support for the virtual hosting services
  • Watching for potential problems on the Novell servers.
Technical support duties include:
  • Occasional handling of cash
  • Guiding customers through Windows internet configuration and Windows internet connection fixes
  • Answering general questions about both the services offered and the company
Summer 1999 Truss assembler at Superior Roof Truss in Gloucester.
Summer 1998 Member of Deep River's Public Works student crew.
Fall/Winter 1997 Volunteer technical support person for ethernet connections in residence at Carleton University.
1994-1996 Member and crew chief of lighting and sound crew for Childs Auditorium in Mackenzie High School. Duties included setup and operation of lighting and sound systems for theatrical productions and town meetings. Responsible for billings of groups renting the facility from outside the school.



  • Strong understanding of Linux systems, primarily the RedHat distribution. Working knowledge of Unix-type systems in general.
  • Familiarity with Windows 95/98/NT as both a workstation and server platform
  • Over 20 years of programming experience, from TI99/4A BASIC to C++ for Windows
  • In-depth understanding of Turbo Pascal and C/C++ and related languages (Perl, PHP), familiarity with several BASIC variants from TI99 console to MS Visual Basic, working knowledge of COBOL, Java, and x86 assembler.

1999-2001 Computer Programmer degree program, Algonquin College, Pembroke.
Completed in Spring 2001.
1996-1999 Electrical Engineering at Carleton University
1996 Graduated from Mackenzie High School in Deep River (OAC)


Canadian job positions only; Ontario preferred. Positions closer to Ottawa strongly preferred.


1996 Bursary from the Royal Canadian Legion
Scholarship from Carleton University
Ontario Scholar
Renfrew County Technical Certificate and Technical Medallion
1994 Bronze medal, Ottawa Science and Engineering Olympics (Styrofoam Boat Race)
1993 Highest standing in TGJ 4A0 (Grade 12 Electronics)



  • Linux/*nix and Windows NT systems administration and networking. I co-maintained a Linux server/firewall with a 4-computer LAN on ADSL between fall 1998 and fall 1999. I currently maintain my own private LAN running a combination of Windows 95/98/NT workstations and a Linux server capable of both dialup and high-speed firewall/NAT services. I also do occasional maintenance on a similar system on cable modem.
  • I was involved in the Carleton Student Engineering Society's Engsoc Project as a documentation maintainer. I was also involved in the shared effort with Corel to port Red Hat Linux to the NetWinder platform.
  • Animation and 3D graphics using computer tools.
  • Writing small utility applications for DOS and Windows, primarily in Turbo Pascal.
  • Audio electronics: primarily analog and digital audio processing. I have designed and built my own speakers, and I am currently design testing for an amplifier and mixing board.
  • Woodworking: large and small projects, carving. I built a cabinet for a component stereo system.
  • Reading: science fiction/fact, fantasy, occasional non-fiction.

Cover letter, References, and transcript available upon request

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