Who is this hoser?

My name is Kris Deugau. This site got created (originally) in a fit of procrastination one afternoon just before December exams 1996. I'm currently working just short of 30 hours/week for a local ISP near home. In April I finished sleeping through the second year of a two-year diploma program called "Computer Programmer" in which we did more systems analysis than programming. I spent three years (1996-1999) in the Engineering program at Carleton University avoiding homework (and, thus, good grades...) On the bonus side, I now have a piece of paper that says I know things.

Yes, I'm a little bitter. But not all the time.

Much like the rest of this site, this page is out of date. But so is everyone else's page. Deal with it.

Work is a confusing mix of sales, tech support, and systems admin. (I was hired because my boss needed a Perl/Linux/Novell geek. One out of three ain't bad.) I'm a half-time "Technical Support Specialist" (my title) officially, but I prefer my "real" work- maintaining WebHart's virtual domain hosting service. Among other Linux boxen...

This revision of my site was rebuilt in PHP. Mostly just cuz.

I'm still living at home, after spending two years in rez at Carleton, and a year living with some friends acquired during first and second years.

A (relatively) recent picture: [Thumbnail- my head]

I really hope I can get a better (quality) picture of me up here- but I'm not holding my breath.

More when I don't have better things to do...


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